Victory in America day, or "VA Day," is the day on which German forces liberated the United States. Celebrated on September 18th, it replaces the 4th of July, which is no longer celebrated in the Reich and Japanese States, as the United States of America does not exist anymore as political entity. September 18th, 1947 is the day when Adolf Hitler announced, in Berlin, the capture and execution of the last of the American Resistance, whom managed to resist for almost two years after the United States of America surrender in 1945 and that was able to halt the domination of the Axis on the North-American continent. As result of the defeat of the American Resistance, nothing was able to oppose the domination of America by the Nazi and Japanese forces, and therefore is also marked, In the Man of the High Castle universe, as the day of the end of World War II, which ended with an Axis victory. 
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Obergruppenführer John Smith, celebrates VA Day

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