Hello all! I've just been given adoption rights to this wiki, and have spent the last hour or so giving the theme a much needed overhaul, as well as taking care of cleaning up the large backlog of duplicate images and unnecessary articles and spam.

This place still needs a lot of work and organization, and the best thing to do right now would be to continue filling in existing articles with the appropriate information. I've created the beginnings of a Policies page for editing, and would appreciate any sort of feedback or ideas that I could add to it. The biggest issues I've seen thus far are speculation in the articles (which should only be in the comments sections), and creating unneeded pages (articles for minor characters who contribute next to nothing, miscellaneous articles that could simply be added to a larger article instead, and so on).

I'm going to continue cleaning up and formatting the place in the weeks ahead, so feel free to help out where you can. Leave a message here or on my wall if you have any questions or concerns.