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The United States of America was an independent and thriving country before the invasion of the Greater Nazi Reich and Japanese Empire. It is now divided in to three separate territories - Nazi America in the east, the Japanese Pacific States in the west, and the Neutral Zone acting as a slim buffer between the two.


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Alternate TimelineEdit

We get the first official glimpse (outside of the films) at an alternate history when Tagomi appears to have "jumped" via meditation to an alternate" 1962 where the United States and the Allies won World War II. The country was never invaded and divided. In this alternate 1962, the United States is engaged in a Cold War with its former war ally, the Soviet Union, and both countries were close to armed hostilities due to their involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Unlike in Nazi America, the capital of the United States in this is still located in Washington D.C. and the President of the United States is John F. Kennedy (as evident on the front page of a newspaper Tagomi saw on a bench in San Francisco's Union Square). The flag of the United States in this "alternate" 1962 has 50 stars in the blue field (denoting that Alaska and Hawaii were made official states of the USA).

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