"Sunrise" is the second episode of Season One of The Man in the High Castle, and the second episode of the series overall. It originally premiered at a Comic-Con event on October 23rd, 2015 along with the seasons first episode, with the remainder of the season airing the following month on Amazon Video.


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While working in the Canon City diner, owned by a man named Lemuel Washington, Juliana meets a man folding a paper crane and assumes he is the contact. Joe, having watched his own copy of the film, finds out from Smith that the contact is a Sicherheitsdienst agent trying to stop the resistance, and is ordered not to intervene. When Juliana meets the origami man at the nearby dam to pass on the film, he attacks her. Joe arrives to try to save her, but she uses her knowledge of aikido to throw the SD agent over a dam railing to his death. Smith himself is ambushed on his way to work, narrowly fending off his attackers. Meanwhile, in the Pacific States, Frank's sister and her two children are taken into custody by the Kempeitai and Frank is told they will be killed along with him for being Jewish if he does not cooperate. A prisoner in a neighboring cell convinces Frank to stand defiant. Just as Frank is about to be shot, the Kempeitai arrest the woman who stole Juliana's luggage. Frank is released. However, Kido informs Frank that this news came too late to save his sister and her children. Frank is enraged.

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Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Christine Chatelain as Laura Crothers
  • Callum Seagram Airlie as John Crothers
  • Carmen Mikkelsen as Emily Crothers
  • Yuichi Saito as Japanese Sergeant
  • Forbes Angus as Hotel Manager
  • Rob LaBelle as Bookstore Owner
  • Shannon Day as Katie Owens
  • Lee Shorten as Suited Man
  • Aaron Blakely as Erich Raeder
  • Donna Yamamoto as Tagomi's Secretary


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