Freedom is under control.
~ Season One

The First Season of The Man in the High Castle was officially released on November 20th, 2015 on Amazon Video.

Season Overview

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Cast & Characters

Main Cast
Recurring Cast
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No. Image Title Written by Directed by
1 S01E01-JoeJuliana "The New World" Frank Spotnitz David Semel
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2 S01E02-ErichJohnFight "Sunrise" Frank Spotnitz Daniel Percival
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3 S01E03-TagomiPrinceTea "The Illustrated Woman" Thomas Schnauz
& Evan Wright
Ken Olin
To be Added
4 S01-E04-MarshalLemuelThreaten "Revelations" Thomas Schnauz
& Jace Richdale
Michael Rymer
To be Added
5 S01E05-JulianaKaren "The New Normal" Rob Williams Bryan Spicer
To be Added
6 S01E06-YoshidaKidoInterrogate "Three Monkeys" Rob Williams Nelson McCormick
To be Added
7 S01E07-FrankMarkLunch "Truth" Emma Frost Brad Anderson
To be Added
8 S01E08-HeydrichJohnGreet "End of the World" Walon Green Karyn Kusama
To be Added
9 S01E09-FrankJoeFilm "Kindness" Jace Richdale Michael Slovis
To be Added
10 S01E10-LemuelJulianaKaren "A Way Out" Rob Williams Daniel Percival
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Promotional Images



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Season 1 The New WorldSunriseThe Illustrated WomanRevelationsThe New NormalThree MonkeysTruth
End of the WorldKindnessA Way Out
Season 2 The Tiger's CaveThe Road Less TraveledTravelersEscalationDuck and CoverKintsugiLand O' SmilesLoose LipsDetonationFallout
Season 3 TBA

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