Nicole Dörmer is a Lebensborn who befriends Joe Blake in Berlin.


Early Life

Nicole was conceived as part of the Lebensborn program, but grew up knowing her father. He tried to marry her off multiple times, but she never agreed to it.

Season Two

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Appearance & Personality

Nicole is biologically an Aryan, as per Nazi standards. She was conceived as part of the Lebensborn program to create perfect future generations of Aryan citizens in the Reich. Joe Blake was also a member of the same program, although they would never meet each other until later in life.

Being a 'perfect human' Nicole has short blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She is around 27 years old, as she and Joe were members of the same Lebensborn program, though not of blood relation. She is a member of a subculture of German youth who use the luxuries the Reich provides to explore in drugs and other extracurricular activities; in short, she is a Nazi Hippie.

Nicole often appears optimistic, expressing her beliefs to Joe Blake from the moment she meets him. As her father is a member of the Nazi Elite, she also appears to be quite wealthy, and is often seen wearing extravagant clothing and jewellery. She is hired by Joe Blake's father, Martin Heusmann, to attempt to woo him into staying in Berlin, but Joe quickly figures this out. Despite being recruited to do this, she develops a genuine interest in Joe and the two soon form a relationship.


Joe Blake

Nicole first meets Joe at a party hosted by his father, Martin Heusmann. Their relationship starts off small, but gradually develops into a romance. When Joe calls her out as working for his father, they begin their relationship anew, with Nicole introducing Joe to all the luxuries the Reich has to offer.

Joe and Nicole slowly fall in love over the course of the second season, despite his feelings for Juliana Crain back in Nazi America, made evident by a hallucinogen he had taken. Nevertheless, Joe stays in Berlin until the end of the second season, where he and Nicole take their relationship a step further by making love.

Martin Heusmann

Little is known about the relationship between Nicole and the man whom is Joe Blake's father. She seems to support his ideals, and encourages Joe to accept him as his father. Their relationship appears to mainly be professional, as Martin employs her to seduce his son to give him another reason to stay in Berlin. Other than this, nothing else is known.


Season Two
"The Tiger's Cave"
"The Road Less Traveled"
"Duck and Cover"
"Land O' Smiles"
"Loose Lips"


Notes & Trivia

  • Nicole is a product of the Lebensborn Program, which is also the origin of Joe Blake; a project with the goal of creating perfect future generations of the 'Aryan Race' for the benefit of the Greater Nazi Reich.
  • She is the same age as Joe, as they were both concieved in the Lebensborn Program.