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The Nazi Empire's War Plan were arrangements made under then Acting Chancellor Martin Heusmann in order to assert Nazi world domination after the falsified reports of the assassination of Adolf Hitler by Japanese agents.


After Hitler's coma and death, Heusmann was named Acting Chancellor until the Party could meet to elect Hitler's successor. Heusmann falsified reports that Hitler was poisoned by Japanese agents in Berlin. Going through with this falsification of facts Heusmann and his subordinates started to draft plans to retaliate against the Japanese Empire. Their plan was split into three phases where the Japanese were expected to capitulate to the Nazis within two weeks.

Phase One


Nazi missile systems are shown on the map

At 19:00, Heusmann was going to give the command to launch U-Boats and silo-launched missiles at select Japanese cities in Asia and Pacific States. These targeted cities included San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Pearl Harbor, Manila, Yokohama, Kamchatka, and Vladivostok.

Phase Two

After the strikes on the primary targets, long-ranged nuclear missiles would target secondary cities within the Japanese Empire. These cities included Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Anchorage in the Pacific States as well as Osaka, Delhi, Bangkok, and Peking in Asia.

Phase Three

After all the strikes that occurred on the primary and secondary targets the Nazis would then launch a ground and marine invasion on three fronts. The Nazis planned to cross through the Neutral Zone to occupy the Pacific States. In addition the Nazis planned to push through the disputed territory between the two empires in Asia eastward. Furthermore the Nazis planned to push their forces westward into the Pacific Ocean to occupy Japan and its Pacific territories. The plan was expected to force Japan to surrender within two weeks and cause upwards of 19 million Japanese deaths. The Nazis were expected to suffer only hundreds of thousands of deaths mainly in America.

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