Nazi America, though formally independent, is a puppet government of the Greater Nazi Reich, consisting of the roughly eastern half of the former country.


The country was originally occupied by the Nazis at the end of the Second World War in 1947, two years after the nuclear destruction of Washington D.C., on December 11th, 1945 by the German Heisenberg Device and the subsequent surrender of the former country, following the capitulation of the United States government.

Though initially victorious, both the Reich and the Japanese Empire had to fight a hard and tenacious retaliation for almost two years before finally putting down the American Resistance and declaring victory (which, within the Reich, became the official festival of Victory Day). After the war, the Reich and the Japanese Empire decided to divide the former States in three areas. The first area to the east, under control of the Nazi Reich, became the official state of Nazi America. The second to the west, under control of the Japanese Empire, became the Japanese Pacific States. The third and final area was situated between the two as a buffer, known as the Neutral Zone (or colloquial also the "Rocky Mountain States").



Nazi America's territory is composed of the eastern part of the former United States - from Maine to Florida and from North Dakota to Texas, as well as the eastern two thirds of Montana, the eastern third of Wyoming, the eastern quarter of Colorado, and the eastern third of New Mexico. In the second season of the series it is revealed that also all the eastern national territory of Canada, east of the Neutral Zone (east of a small portion of Alberta and the Northwest Territories that belong to the Neutral Zone) belong to Nazi America as well.

Nazi America borders the Neutral Zone to the west, Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico to the south (through Texas), and the north Atlantic Ocean to the east.


The official flag of Nazi America is the original Stars and Stripes; however, instead of the original 48 white stars on the blue field (the 37th version of the United States national flag, as Hawaii and Alaska were still territories at the time), the flag of Nazi America has instead a white swastika on the center of the blue field.


Nazi America has its unofficial capital in New York City, but is controlled by the SS, which takes its orders directly from the government of the Greater Nazi Reich based in Berlin. The leader of the Reich is "Der Führer" Adolf Hitler, while John Smith holds the title of "Obergruppenführer". The Nazis have implemented racial policies carrying out the mass murder of all peoples considered "unfit" for their new order, including Jews, Africans, African-Americans, homosexuals, "social degenerates", and the permanently mentally and physically ill. This has been accomplished with the widespread adoption of euthanasia, and in numerous cases, the cremation of all remains. As result of these practices, the population of Nazi America is entirely composed of White American and German peoples. The official languages are English and German, which are mandatory subjects in school.


The economy of Nazi America, through prosperous, is closely tied to that of the Greater Nazi Reich, having the "Reichsmark" as the national currency.