There is no God in heaven. That means it's up to us to turn this life into heaven on Earth.
~ Martin Heussman

Martin Heusmann is an engineer and former Reichsminister of the Greater Nazi Reich. He was chosen by Adolf Hitler to become Acting Chancellor during Hitler's illness and following his death. Heusmann is the father of Joe Blake through the Lebensborn program.


Early Life

Heusmann was born into a family with a long tradition of military service to Germany, and had ancestors who fought in World War I and the Franco-Prussian War. Judging by his participation in the Lebensborn program, by the 1930s he was already a committed Nazi.

Season Two

On a visit to the Lebensborn hospital where Joe was born, Heusmann reveals Joe's status as Lebensborn and alleges that Joe's mother Elsa had kidnapped him to the United States prior to World War II against Heusmann's will. This shocks Joe and causes him to reconsider his relationship to both his late mother and to Heusmann.

In "Loose Lips", Heusmann is promoted to Acting Chancellor (stellvertretender Kanzler) following Hitler's incapacitation. His selection was done upon Hitler's direct recommendations, and he portrays himself initially to Joe as a reluctant interim leader caught in a web of political intrigue. Later, however, he is revealed to have been the ringleader of the faction responsible for the attempted assassination of the Japanese crown prince and the coup against Hitler launched by Reinhard Heydrich in Season 1 .

In "Fallout", following Hitler's death, Heusmann presses for war with Japan and plans a massive nuclear strike on simultaneous targets in Japanese territory. He is however unable to put these plans into practice, as he is arrested for treason and murder by Heinrich Himmler after evidence is presented by John Smith. Himmler then assumed leadership of the Reich.

Appearance & Personality

A natural Nazi, Heussman is a cunning, ambitious and idealistic individual who will use any means to achieve his ends.



Season Two
"The Tiger's Cave"
"The Road Less Traveled"
"Duck and Cover"
"Land O' Smiles"
"Loose Lips"


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