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Joseph "Joe" Blake is the Lebensborn illegitimate son of Martin Heusmann and Elsa Blake. He is a former double agent who worked under Obergruppenführer John Smith, posed as a new recruit to the underground American resistance.

He transported a copy of the forbidden film The Grasshopper Lies Heavy to the Neutral Zone as part of his mission to infiltrate the American Resistance. However, he questioned his beliefs due to the influence of Juliana Crain, and resigned from the SS. After this, he was brought to Berlin where he was reunited with his father, who later succeeded Hitler as Fuhrer, but both were imprisoned after it was discovered Heusmann poisoned Hitler.


Early LifeEdit

Joe was conceived as part of the Lebensborn program to create a genetically perfect generation. He was born in one of their birthing houses in Berlin, but a year later in August his mother fled with him to America and told him his father abandoned them. His father let her go because he too disagreed with the program, saying it had good intentions but bad means. He never met his father. He and his mother were poor.

He was in a relationship with a woman who lives in Brooklyn, Rita. She has a son, Buddy, with whom Joe has assumed a father-like role. Joe delivers a copy of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" to him upon arriving home.

Season OneEdit

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Season TwoEdit

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Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Joe is highly motivated and ambitious but falters in matters of morality. He juggles with doing what feels right in the moment and his loyalty to the Reich.

He is also very guarded, holding many of his emotions at bay even when around those he cares about. Whether this is a trait he's always had or a result of the work he does is not yet clear.


  • Juliana Crain - companion; Joe meets Juliana during his time in Canon City. The two become quite close with one another, their feelings possibly romantic despite the relationships both of them are already in.
  • Rita - former significant other.
  • Buddy - surrogate son; Rita's son who Joe acts as a father for.
  • John Smith - superior; Joe works for John as a spy for the Great Nazi Reich. The two currently have a tumultuous relationship after Joe's lack of following orders.


Season One
"The New World"
"The Illustrated Woman"
"The New Normal"
"Three Monkeys"
"End of the World"
"A Way Out"
Season Two
"The Tiger's Cave"
"The Road Less Traveled"
"Duck and Cover"
"Land O' Smiles"
"Loose Lips"


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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • He was born at 7:32 a.m.
  • He is mostly fluent in German, in addition to his native English.
  • He is the godson of Heinrich Himmler.


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