Heisenberg device

Heisenberg Device in the films.

The Heisenberg Device is the official name for the Atomic Bomb in the The Man in the High Castle timeline, it derives its name from that of its creator, Werner Heisenberg.


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The Heisenberg Device destroys Washington D.C.

In the Man in the High Castle timeline, the Nazis dropped a Heisenberg device on Washington D.C., which resulted in the capitulation of the United States on December 11, 1945.

At the beginning of the series, only the Nazis are in possession of the technology. However, through the hard work of Trade Minister Tagomi and Rudolph Wegener, the Japanese obtain the schematics to build their own and are shown in season two to be working on building their own. World War III is avoided because the Nazis come to believe the Japanese possess their own atomic arsenal plus a stockpile of Hydrogen Bombs.