Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler is the leader of the Nazi SS and one of Hitler's right hand men. He is also the Chief of German Police in the Reich Ministry of the Interior. He supports attacking the Japanese.


Early Life

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Season Two

He first appears in "Land O' Smiles", where he personally calls Obergruppenführer Smith to inform him that Hitler had collapsed. He is Hitler's side when he dies and is then part of the war preparations led by Acting Chancellor Heusmann, where he shows no remorse for the fact that parts of the war will theoretically result in high American casualties.

When Obergruppenführer Smith shows the Nazi High Command newsreel of the hydrogen bomb, Himmler argues for standing down hostilities out of fear of this new weapon. Smith then shows him evidence of Heusmann's conspiracy and Himmler has both Heusmann and Joe arrested. He then addresses the entire nation in the Volkshalle, possibly assuming control of the Reich, and rewards Smith for his service to the Reich.

Appearance & Personality

He is elderly, and he is seen wearing the Nazi uniform throughout his appearances in the series.


Address before the Reich upon the arrest of Heusmann:

"Volksgenossen, Sie sind hier zusammen gekommen um Gerechtigkeit einzufordern. Aber unser geliebter Führer, Adolf Hitler, wurde nicht durch eine ausländische Macht ermordet, sondern vom Verrätern aus unsere Mitte!  Der Rädelsführer dieser Verräter, Martin Heusmann, hat versucht Sie zu täuschen! Er hat versucht selbst die Macht zu ergreifen! Aber sein Verrat wurde aufgedeckt durch einen meiner treusten Männer, Obergruppenführer John Smith! Das Reich dankt Ihnen! Das Reich salutiert Ihnen! Lassen dies als Warnung dienen, für jeden der sich uns entgegenstellt von Außen oder von Innen! Weil das tausendjährige Reich kann nicht getäuscht werden, und kann niemals zerstört werden!"



Season Two
"The Tiger's Cave"
"The Road Less Traveled"
"Duck and Cover"
"Land O' Smiles"
"Loose Lips"


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Notes & Trivia

  • In our timeline, Himmler was one of Hitler's architects of the Holocaust. He committed suicide while in British custody on May 23, 1945.
  • In Fallout, he addressed the public in the Volkshalle, stating that any traitor would be exposed and killed, but the way he addressed the German public, it seemed as though he assumed the role of the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany.


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