"Escalation" is the fourth episode of Season Two of The Man in the High Castle, and the fourteenth episode of the series overall. This episode, along with the rest of the season, was made available for streaming on Amazon Video on December 16th, 2016.


To be Added


To be Added

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Lee Shorten as Sergeant Yoshida
  • Gracyn Shinyei as Amy Smith
  • Genea Charpentier as Jennifer Smith
  • Yukari Komatsu as Michiko Tagomi
  • Aaron Blakely as Erich Raeder
  • Gillian Barber as Alice Adler
  • Jillian Walchuck as ND Hostess
  • Ruairi MacDonald as Charlie Sampson
  • Yael Yurman as Clara Sampson
  • Mike McLeod as Gestapo Agent
  • Yuichi Saito as Kempeitai Officer
  • Ryan Jinn as Japanese Soldier
  • Julian Lao as Japanese Soldier
  • Jen Oleksiuk as ND Hostess #2
  • Meghan Gardiner as Crying Family Member #1
  • Nicola Doherty as Crying Family Member #2
  • Chase Nicholson as Photo Kid
  • Veronika Hadrava as Woman
  • Paul Lazenby as White Man #1
  • Ryan Hesp as Bill
  • Barbara Beall as Bill's Wife
  • Joe Allard as White Man #2
  • Evan Lee as Hostess Bar Patron


To be Added

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Season 3 TBA

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