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The American Resistance is a network of freedom fighters operating throughout the Neutral Zone, the Japanese Pacific States, and Nazi America.


The Resistance was created after the American and Allied surrender in the Second World War against the Axis Powers. After the American Government capitulated as a result of the Atomic Bombing of Washington D.C. The Resistance was created in order to stop the invading German and Japanese troops on the coast, although lasting two years, they ultimately failed and eventually collapsed. Even though the Axis Powers rule the US with an iron fist, the Resistance operates secretly and carefully undergroung and undercover, mostly in the Neutral Zone. The Resistance, possibly aided by Nazi Connolly, made an assassination attempt against SS Obergruppenführer John Smith in 1962, killing Smith's driver and severely wounding SS officer Erich Raeder. Smith was only slightly wounded and managed to kill all but one of the attackers. Smith captured the last attacker alive. It was later revealed that the Resistance was supported by Reinhard Hydrich in order to get SS Obergruppenführer John Smith out of the way for Martin Heusmann's grand plan of domination of the Reich. 

Known Members